Unlocking your Artistic Potential

360º Training

We provide comprehensive 360-degree support tailored specifically for performers. We delve into every aspect of your performance persona, from your wardrobe choices to your communication style, from your photo shoots to your interview techniques.

Our support encompasses everything from mastering the art of engaging with live audiences onstage to presenting yourself confidently in promotional photoshoots. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you have the tools and guidance you need to thrive as a performer.

Portia Emare CEO

“Through my years of experience, I’ve come to understand the importance of every aspect of our work. How we communicate with our audience and clients, every detail matters in securing regular work. In these sessions we will work on your unique brand and instill confidence as you step into the world of live entertainment. It requires openness, honesty, and discipline, but the rewards are truly remarkable.”

Artist Testimonials

consultation for artists

Take this opportunity to invest in yourself as an artist and brand on a personal level. Discover methods to work efficiently and concisely, set achievable goals, and be inspired and motivated to push yourself to new heights.

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One hour session

  • Assess your current career goals and ideas. Provide guidance on how to begin implementing your ideas.

Three Hours session

  • Explore your aspirations, pinpoint objectives, and devise actionable steps for success, leveraging the time to refine your career path comprehensively.

five hours sessions

  • Delve even deeper into your career goals and ideas. This extended duration enables you to thoroughly assess your aspirations, identify key priorities, and develop a robust roadmap for success.

Find your stage persona

Unlock Your Artistic Potential with a consultation session. At Ori Artists, we understand that collaboration takes different forms for different artists, and that’s why our advocacy sessions are tailor-made for individuals like you. Portia focuses on developing your performance and career, allowing you to blossom into your most distinct and authentic creative self.

We take care of our vocalists

We’re here for you every step of the way, ensuring your well-being as a vocalist. Our service includes:

  • Access to top vocal coaches for skill enhancement and vocal health.
  • Expert tips to maintain peak performance.
  • Support in sound check navigation.
  • Personalized tech rider creation for your specific needs.

With our service, your vocal and mental health is our priority, helping you to always perform at your best.

Building a strong network

Building a strong network is essential in this industry, connecting you with those who believe in your talent and can open doors to new opportunities. At Ori Artists, we actively promote our artists to bookers, directors, and producers, advocating for your talent with the hope to securing you new work. If we see a potential collaboration opportunity, we’ll make the connection for you.

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Brand identity package

Ori Artists are all about supporting and developing the artist’s true voice. In person, on stage and online. Do you struggle with inspiration when it comes to posting online? Do you want to promote your upcoming gigs, events or new music releases in a productive way that will lead to more opportunities? Do you need a nudge in the right direction to best show your creativity, your artistry and your voice in this digital world? Ori Artists can help you. We can guide, curate and build your online presence with the goal of connecting you to new audiences, building your fanbase and getting more success. We listen to your vision and goals as an artist and create ways to promote your work in the very best light. Set yourself apart and become more knowledgeable about how to use your social media platforms to build your online legacy. We listen to your story, we see you as the artist you are right now and we bring your creative vision to life.


brand identity

  • 1 Hour Consultation, Online Meeting/Session, with Analysis and Planning Strategies*
  • Creative Brief to meet goals of target market
  • Head shot Bespoke Logo (3 options)
  • Social media template (mockup)
  • Colour palette
  • Brand typography
  • Presentation meeting

FAQ by Clients

You can submit your application through our “Apply” page on the website, providing essential information about your talents and experiences.

Our selection process involves a thorough review of submitted applications, followed by auditions or portfolio assessments. We aim to represent individuals with exceptional talent and professionalism.

Yes, we offer consultation services to assist clients in selecting the right talent for their events. Our team can provide expert guidance on tailoring entertainment to suit specific occasions.

Yes, our talent agency has a global reach and represents artists both nationally and internationally. We have experience coordinating performances for events worldwide.

Yes, you can explore our  reviews on Google Reviews to read about the positive experiences of both our clients and artists. Their feedback reflects the level of satisfaction and success achieved through our representation.

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